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2020-12-09 03:46 pm

[STICKY] How I run this place

1. Blessed are the theme makers, for I have no aesthetic sense of my own.

2. Opposite of blessed are the assholes, for assholes make the internet tight and stinky, rather than open and fun.

I haven't sorted out access levels and how I'll be securing what where yet, so for now I've both subscribed to and granted access to everyone who looks interesting. I'll organize things ... eventually. Or maybe not, I don't know. My private thoughts are pretty exciting and surely everyone on the Internet wants to see them, right? Right!

Feel free to read me, drop me, comment on me, comment negatively on me, grant me access in exchange or grant me nothing at all. We're good.

I have basic social skills and common decency, so I'll cut spoilers, pictures, long memes, and anything I can reasonably expect to be gross or upsetting to people. I can't promise that this journal is a safe space for anyone in particular and any warnings I use, if I use them, will be basic and general. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about what's behind a cut.

What I'm doing 12/9/12-ish I'm going to be posting some fic and some perma-posts to make this place look less sad. Posting rate will decrease abruptly thereafter.
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2016-06-22 11:05 pm

Rare Pairs 2016 letter

FYI, I've defaulted. I've got a good start on a fic and I hope to finish it at some point as a gift for my recipient, but it won't be in the exchange. My life got weird and I have to move to New England. Or maybe not. I don't know. That's one of the weird things. Either way, not in a position where I can reliably write. So, writer, feel free of any obligation toward me - write the story you really want to write.

Actual trigger: animal abuse

Do Not Wants: sexytimes involving non-standard bodily fluids (vomit, urine, feces, etc), dog dicks/heats, AUs that are based on hard-coded alternate gender roles (BDSM!AUs, ABO!AUs, etc), mundane AUs (coffee shops, bakeries, academia, etc., unless used as a cover for spy shenanigans or alien invasion), rape/non-con, incest, destined soulmates, femsub, love triangles that can't be resolved by a threesome and leave everyone unhappy

Likes include, but are not limited to: basically anything you'll have fun writing, non-mundane AUs (wizards, dragons, space royalty, steampunk nonsense, the world where whores steal lemons, etc), slap-slap kiss-kiss, helping each other heal from shared trauma, dub-con (wherein "Do these characters each consent to this activity?" is an essay question, not true/false), power imbalance, sex pollen, established relationships, rough sex, light femdom, insults used as terms of affection, crossovers among any of the requested fandoms or any others you think we have in common, stupid shit you've been desperately wanting to write but have worried you don't have an audience for, trust me I love stupid shit that's written with enthusiasm

All of my requests are for fanfiction. I've avoided giving specific prompts because I don't want you to feel you have to write a particular story for me, however if you'd prefer some prompts to work with feel free to send me a message anon or through an intermediary.

The relative lengths of my notes on each fandom aren't indicative of a preference. I just have more to say about some fandoms than others.

Crossover Fandom, Final Fantasy XII, Jupiter Ascending, Pacific Rim, Rivers of London, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy )
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2015-08-23 02:26 am


Congratulations to Laura Mixon on her Hugo Award for her report on the troll Requires Hate, and to Noah Ward for his services as Puppy-kicker-in-chief.
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2014-11-06 09:51 pm

An update on Winterfox/Requires Hate/Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Author Laura Mixon has published an extensive report on Sriduangkaew's activities under a decade's worth of names, including bullying Sriduangkaew has engaged in this year.

Of particular note, author Athena Andreadis confirms the rumors of Sriduangkaew's recent attempts to blacklist authors from publishers, reviewers, and cons. It happened to her.

I'm going to update my own roundup post with the links others have kindly provided me, however I'm probably not going to have time to do that until this weekend. Meanwhile you can find those links in the comments here or follow the pingbacks from Mixon's post.

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2014-11-05 06:00 pm

fic: The Fairy Wife (Doctor Who)

Title: The Fairy Wife
Pairing: gen
Rating: G
Words: 2000
Notes: Background Doctor/Master, background Susan Foreman/David Campbell. Aralias kindly betaed this for me like three freaking years ago and I took this long to post it because I suck.

Summary: It's a bedtime story about a fairy who loved a man and a Raven who most certainly didn't love a Magpie. Certainly.

The Fairy Wife )
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2014-10-17 06:49 pm

Winterfox/RequiresHate/Benjanun Sriduangkaew roundup post

Update 10/20: RequiresHate has posted an apology for the actions of her RH blog. However, she's also disclaimed responsibility for threats given out under the Winterfox brand. She claims that some, such as threatening an Asian woman with being raped by dogs, was the work of an impostor. I haven't been able to find any earlier mentions of an impostor, but large swathes of both the RH blog and Winterfox's backlog of comments remain deleted, so that's probably impossible to verify unless a witness wants to speak up. She's also apologized on A Bee Writes, her professional bog.

There's a theme of "I was an asshole but I've gotten better as the years have passed," which is something most of us have probably lived through ourselves -- however, Winterfox harassed a rape victim for six months as late as last year, so any decrease in assholery is going to be a very recent phenomenon. Intentionally or not, these apologies seem to further the narrative that the controversy is primarily about RequiresHate's book reviews rather than Winterfox's decade-long troll campaign. They also repeat assertions that all of Sriduangkaew's bad behavior was in the distant past, despite her harassment continuing into 2013 at least.

An open question to pro sci-fi: since Sriduangkaew has admitted she was wrong, can we stop arguing it's okay to threaten women of color with rape and assault if someone we like is doing it?

I had to stop following this wank for a couple of days to meet some RL deadlines. I wished someone had made a roundup post to summarize what's going on -- so I'm making one. If you're not interested in seeing some of your favorite sci-fi and fantasy authors make excuses for abusers, enable trolling, and belittle women of color who have received rape threats, stop reading now. It gets ugly.

This post is a work in progress and the wank is ongoing. Please feel free to comment with updates, corrections, and discussion. Anon comments are turned on, but I will delete with extreme prejudice at the first whiff of trolling.

Here's a timeline of events for this most recent blowup. 



Who is Benjanun Sriduangkaew? )What the hell's happening? ) Where discussion's taking place. ) Who's siding with whom. ) Rumors, Distortions, and Lies (with the Occassional Truth) )

The long and short of it is that there are two sides in this wank. One side, Sriduangkaew's side, thinks it's cool to threaten women of color with being raped by dogs. The other side thinks that's bullshit. Let me make it more explicit: Sriduangkaew is a racist, misogynistic bully, and those people defending her are of necessity defending racism and misogyny.

Think about that for a minute.

Sriduangkaew isn't the worst asshole in sci-fi. That means that sci-fi has a problem with assholes, not that it's okay to threaten women with rape and murder. When your best defense is "but little Timmy did it first" you're thinking on the level of a particularly spiteful five year old. When you want abuse victims to stay silent because speaking up might hurt their abuser's career you're contributing to abuse.

Many of the people currently defending Sriduangkaew and trying to silence her victims are people who spoke out loudly against James Frenkel and Rene Walling, two recent abusers whom the sci-fi community harbored and enabled for years before finally rejecting. Just goes to show that it's all in who you know -- exactly the same things that were said in defense of Frenkel, Walling, and every other abuser in history are getting said now, by people who know better. Sriduangkaew's friends are trying to spin this story to make her the victim and make the victims afraid. To hell with that.

Crossposted at Dreamwidth.

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2013-11-14 11:26 pm

fic: Carry Me to Morning (Pacific Rim/Black Jewels fusion)

I wrote a thing! And posted it where people can see! It's also on AO3.

Title: Carry Me to Morning
Pairing: Herc/Mako
Rating: R-ish
Summary: A fusion of Pacific Rim with the Black Jewels universe by Anne Bishop. Mako Mori is the youngest and the last Queen among the Blood still fighting the savage invasion from the Kaiju Realm. To secure the power of her Jewels, she must take one last step into adulthood -- with Lord Herc Hansen's help.

Carry Me to Morning )
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2013-10-22 01:44 pm

Pacific Rim fic exchange letter

 This is a placeholder post. This is only a placeholder. Do not panic. Proceed to your nearest civil shelter.
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2013-07-08 11:43 pm
Entry tags:

fic: Broaden Your Horizons [The Authority]

Title: Broaden Your Horizons

Pairing: Apollo/Midnighter.

Rating: Porn.

Wordcount: 4,000

Warnings: Somewhat dubious consent.

Summary: Apollo gets turned into a woman, and he and Midnighter have sorta-het sex. The end.

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2013-05-16 10:56 pm


So I accidentally wound up on a six hour drinking binge with some coworkers I don't normally have a lot to do with. In fact I'm only 80% certain I have their names right.

And I'm 3,000 miles from home.  

But I spoke not one word that was not true and no more than 30 that are going to be awkward to explain tomorrow \o/
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2013-03-12 11:15 am

(no subject)

 My cat has a butthole infection.

This is my life.
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2013-03-06 10:08 pm

New Crossfit injury!

 Location: elbow

Type: big ol' welt

Cause: trying for double-unders

How: I don't even know

Seriously how do my body parts get in these places on their own when I can't get them to bend like that when I want them to?
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2013-03-03 08:35 pm

(no subject)

What we have here is a woman who went plhebh on the entire Internet for a while. Happens periodically. No brain for anything more taxing than Facebook. The brain seems to have come back around, though, so I'll be catching up.

  • The Comics Big Bang hilariously inappropriate crossover fic continues apace. I got bogged down in a bout of linearity for a while. The story's mostly flashback, and most of the scenes don't have to be in any particular order, but for a while there I absolutely could not write out of sequence. Also I lost my notes on half the characters and how I'd translated them between universes. Rose Tattoo lol who's that? I finally got the framing story hammered out well enough that whatever was eating at me switched off, and I've got the flashbacks sectioned off in Scrivener to be completed as they come to me.

Jenny Quantum wrinkled her nose. Adults liked the weirdest things. She resolved to ignore it for as long as she could. “I don’t understand,” she said, which wasn’t something you’d hear from her often. “You really think I brought you here? I went down to Hell, sure, but only to the Garden, and I didn’t see you there. I didn’t see anybody there!”

Sparks paused with the cigarette halfway to her mouth and just looked at Jenny for a moment. “You went to Hell,” she said. “Sure. Perfect day trip for a ten year old.”

“I’m eight,” Jenny corrected without thinking.

Sparks laughed and puffed more smoke. “Shows what I know about kids. But here’s the thing. You didn’t see me in Hell because I wasn’t there. Witch doesn’t become demon dead, just dead dead. I spent a long time denying it, back when I was alive, but these days I’m pretty damned sure I’m Witch – and so are you. And I also distinctly recall that I am dead, which you are not, but here I am. 

“So, little Sister, since it stands to reason people don’t come halfway back from the Darkness just to have a smoke, there’s got to be a reason I’m here. Let’s you and me figure out what that is.” She rested her hands on her knees with the half-burned cigarette dangling just beside her Black ring, and looked at Jenny frankly. It reminded Jenny a lot of how Draca looked at her. She liked that.

  • I've been cooking fairly regularly lately. I enjoy it, I'm decent at it, and it gives me a sense of control over my life that I badly need. Best dish of the past month is rooster Corfu, a Greek ragout made with a rooster I butchered on a friend's farm three days before I stewed him. That was ... well, I'll probably do a post on it. Maybe. It wasn't fun and it's something I'm happy to pay someone else to do for me, but I'll do it again when I have the chance, too.
  • Have given up on CourseRa for the moment, as classes always seem to start at the worst possible time for me. Which is false, it's all perception and anxiety banging together on my end, but it isn't worth the hassle. What I don't need in my life right now is more deadlines. I've downloaded Harvard's CS50 course instead and am going to do it on my own schedule. My actual putting me in debt to get a degree work, on the other hand, is going weirdly well. My ability to fake my way through high-level philosophy is coming back to me (You think I understand this stuff? Seriously?), and Immunology turns out to make a lot of sense when I sit down and chart out the pathways on paper instead of staring at the book in horror.
  • I'm about halfway to RXing Filthy Fifty in Crossfit! I need to get my knees higher on knees to elbows, add four more inches to my box jumps, and, you know, do double unders at all. But that's attainable! I can handle all the weights, albeit slowly.

  • I am about six weeks past the point I was scheduled to be a homeowner, and still no closing date. No rejection, either, but one delay after another, with the loan processor swearing that all the  paperwork is in one day, and me waking up the next to an urgent email about the three other pieces of paper I have to get turned in STAT. I want my kitchen.
  • I've let my squat form slip in Crossfit. I think I got over excited about succeeding at it to begin with, and let myself get into bad habits by not paying attention. I got suspicious when I kept losing my balance while doing overhead squats last week and I asked the coach to record me while I did a few. Bingo: not even getting past parallel on the squat, and my arms going all over the place compensating for what my legs aren't doing right. It's messing up all my lifts. Going to have to cut down the weight and work on that.
  • I haven't even touched my Doctor Who fic in months, and that's after <lj user="aralias"> was kind enough to beta the stand-alone prologue for me. Last I touched it, I figured out how to get a scene to break that had been dragging on and on. Hopefully I can go back to it once I get some more of the Big Bang fic out of the way and pick up with the energy I'd misplaced.
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2013-02-08 07:40 pm


Last night I tripped over my own feet while walking down the street. I made a three point landing! ... on the wrong three points. Managed to skin both knees and my right shoulder. Shoulder.

Crossfit )

The net result is that I'm sprawled in a hot saltwater bath, wherein I intend to stay until I either regain the ability to lift my arms over my head or slip beneath the waves and drown, whichever comes first.

I'm going to take the opportunity to work on my Crossfit playlist, because my gym has ruined Eminem for me. I like Eminem. But every time. Every WoD ever is set to Eminem. And it's over-synthesized sellout Eminem, not raw, sharp rhymes Eminem. So far my list includes songs by Dessa, Lady Gaga, and David Allan Coe, a combination which I think is the musical equivalent of a bar brawl.
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2013-01-28 09:39 pm

January is over in 3 days.

I cannot. Fucking. Wait. Screw you, January.

Whining. )

The frankly bizarre result of this is that I've signed up for a comic book Big Bang with a rough draft due in May, and I'm fusing The Authority with Black Jewels. This is a thing that is happening. Working title "Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Dark Court." I'm hoping that between now and then I'll think of something less ... less.

How many different ways can I call Apollo the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih? We'll find out!

Crossfit. )
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2012-12-26 11:25 am

The roast turned out! \o/

Is it still a roast if it's not roasted?

Regardless, thanks everyone for the advice. I really do think the paprika y'all recommended did the trick in covering the freezer-burn. I added some onions, garlic, celery, and carrots, as well as some grainy mustard and ye olde packet of onion soup mix. Too much onion? Impossible. Filled with water about halfway.

About 11 hours on low in the crock pot, then I dipped out most of the broth, skimmed the fat, added some balsamic vinegar to brighten up the flavor, and reduced it on the stove by a lot. Cut the remaining fat off the meat, removed the vegetables from the crock, shredded the meat and added it back in with the reduced broth. As an experiment, I took some of the very soft vegetables and forced them through a sieve back into the pot. It changed the texture a bit, but overall didn't do much.

In conclusion, the meat's on the dry side, but tasty enough, with a good sauce. Conditions outside are what I'm inclined to call a freaking blizzard, though people who are natives of this frozen wasteland might just call a heavy snow. They're crazy. In other words, I'm really happy not to leave the house today and to eat some resurrected cow and maybe some mashed potatoes and steamed peas.

And because I don't feel like making a new post, here're some Yuletide recs. I'm slowly meandering through the collection. I have no plan.

Jingu All the Way, Journey to the West, gen, 2300 words. Monkey's mouth gets him in trouble, as usual, and his good heart gets him out again. I read this aloud to some friends yesterday, alcohol might've been involved, and it works wonderfully as a tale told by mouth, and wonderfully as a Christmas story. I can't claim to have read Journey to the West all the way through (seriously it's long) but I'm familiar with the story and familiar with the kind of storytelling it represents, and this fic is a great partner to both.

Though I Sang in My Chains Like the Sea, Rivers of London, gen, 11000 words. I waited until bedtime to read this one, and took a deep breath to brace myself before opening it, because I was quite frankly expecting a dull story about Nightingale being Sad Gay. I was very happy to be wrong! This is genuine casefic, matching canon in form and tone, and exploring yet another aspect of the magical yet rational world of Newtonian magic. Nightingale is in fact gay -- is there word of god on this? I'm 90% sure he's supposed to be queer in canon, but as far as I know it's never said, aside from Peter momentarily assuming he was being cruised in the first book -- but that's not the point of the story or of his narration. The story is about how much the world has changed in his long life, and how he chooses to approach his changing reality. ♥♥

Her Need Will I Answer, Valdemar: Tarma & Kethry, gen, 8000 words. Another one that feels like it could come from canon, complete with a Mercedes Lackey-style moral -- though thankfully lacking the preachiness I associate with Lackey these days. Our heroines are out of the mercenary business, but that magic sword Kethry's hauling around isn't in the habit of caring whether or not she's getting paid for rescues these days. Need drags them on yet another noble adventure, involving a very special, very ... pale horse. The end feels a bit rushed, like the author was running out of steam by that point, but the plot is satisfying and Kethry's introspection on her relationship with her family, her sister, and her sword is note-perfect.
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2012-12-24 09:15 pm
Entry tags:

Adventures in ... stuff

Crossfit )

Squat snatch: still the devil.

Cooking question. Two of my roommates have moved out and I've been in a territorial frenzy rearranging the kitchen to suit me -- the remaining roommate doesn't cook to speak of, so as long as her things are within reasonable reach, I'm free to do as I like without conflict. I've found a chunk of bottom round roast that's been sitting in the freezer since ... well, that's unimportant. It looks intact and I'm willing to take my chances. (Read: I'm cheap.) I'm thinking the crock pot and about ten hours is the answer, but wondering how to season it to minimize any taste of freezer burn. Soy sauce, garlic, onion, obviously. What else?
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2012-12-15 11:04 pm

Beta request: Doctor Who

Would anyone like to beta a short Doctor Who fic? About 2,000 words, in the form of a fairy tale. Probably requires that you be familiar with One, or at least know who Susan was and where she went, and not be repulsed by Doctor/Master.

No great hurry. It's just the prelude to something more substantial, but it stands alone so I might as well get it finished.
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2012-12-10 10:03 pm

fic: Orientation [Samurai Warriors]

Post-facto author's note: This is an odd one. It's another Yuletide entry, '09. I volunteered for the fandom on a lark -- my decisions in life are not known for being well thought-out, and Yuletide is no exception. I mean, it's a beat 'em up video game. I got a request for a pairing that I'd never even considered. But instead of flailing panic, I reacted with "Huh." And I wrote. I cheated on the pairing -- this is 9/10ths gen -- and took advantage of the author also requesting a different character I could use as my POV. Overall it was fun to write and I think it still holds up as a fluff piece.

Title: Orientation
Author: [personal profile] azarias
Pairing: gen, more or less
Wordcount: 3,000
Warnings: cruelty to dragons
Notes: Five things Masamune Date learned about life in the Toyotomi army, thanks to Keiji playing tour guide. This story plays merry hell with the canon time line, and any vestiges of historical accuracy are purely coincidental.

Orientation )