Feb. 8th, 2013 07:40 pm
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Last night I tripped over my own feet while walking down the street. I made a three point landing! ... on the wrong three points. Managed to skin both knees and my right shoulder. Shoulder.

Which was excellent timing, since Fridays are Hero WoD days are my gym, and today's Hero featured a shit ton of shoulder work, among other delights. I took 14 minutes longer than the next slowest person in my class.

Do I give a shit?

I do not! Because I did the entire fucking thing and I did it at a consistent weight. I started at 55 lbs and I finished at 55 lbs, and I succeeded on my save vs. poor planning roll and went to an earlier class, knowing that I would be able to stake out my corner of the gym and stay into the next class period to finish the WoD. 18 lbs was my max power clean when I started, and now I can lift 55 lbs from the floor to over my head in a variety of ways hundreds of times.

(Okay, I counted a couple of no-reps on the push presses, but I maintain that I was getting the full benefit of the lift even if I wasn't locking out. My range of motion is okay for this form; I was working on muscle fatigue tonight.)

And I did the longest unbroken set of jumping rope I've done since middle school. 54 jumps before I caught my ankle.

I felt fantastic when I finished. Except for those five minutes I spent flat on my back nearly crying because it turned out I'd been in a considerable amount of pain and just hadn't felt it til I stopped moving. Whatever, got over it.

And! And and and! HUGE mobility gain during my warm-up. I can hold Downward-Facing Dog with my heels flat on the floor. First time ever. I'm definitely the most flexible now that I've been in my adult life, and from my memories of 4th grade fitness tests, I'm more flexible than I was then, too. (Does anyone else remember those fucking milk crates with yardsticks taped to them? I want to take a yardstick to a milk crate and stomp the crate til it breaks. Fuck milk creates!)

The net result is that I'm sprawled in a hot saltwater bath, wherein I intend to stay until I either regain the ability to lift my arms over my head or slip beneath the waves and drown, whichever comes first.

I'm going to take the opportunity to work on my Crossfit playlist, because my gym has ruined Eminem for me. I like Eminem. But every time. Every WoD ever is set to Eminem. And it's over-synthesized sellout Eminem, not raw, sharp rhymes Eminem. So far my list includes songs by Dessa, Lady Gaga, and David Allan Coe, a combination which I think is the musical equivalent of a bar brawl.

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That is a very impressive performance! Lots of push presses at 55# is no joke. Nice work!


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