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FYI, I've defaulted. I've got a good start on a fic and I hope to finish it at some point as a gift for my recipient, but it won't be in the exchange. My life got weird and I have to move to New England. Or maybe not. I don't know. That's one of the weird things. Either way, not in a position where I can reliably write. So, writer, feel free of any obligation toward me - write the story you really want to write.

Actual trigger: animal abuse

Do Not Wants: sexytimes involving non-standard bodily fluids (vomit, urine, feces, etc), dog dicks/heats, AUs that are based on hard-coded alternate gender roles (BDSM!AUs, ABO!AUs, etc), mundane AUs (coffee shops, bakeries, academia, etc., unless used as a cover for spy shenanigans or alien invasion), rape/non-con, incest, destined soulmates, femsub, love triangles that can't be resolved by a threesome and leave everyone unhappy

Likes include, but are not limited to: basically anything you'll have fun writing, non-mundane AUs (wizards, dragons, space royalty, steampunk nonsense, the world where whores steal lemons, etc), slap-slap kiss-kiss, helping each other heal from shared trauma, dub-con (wherein "Do these characters each consent to this activity?" is an essay question, not true/false), power imbalance, sex pollen, established relationships, rough sex, light femdom, insults used as terms of affection, crossovers among any of the requested fandoms or any others you think we have in common, stupid shit you've been desperately wanting to write but have worried you don't have an audience for, trust me I love stupid shit that's written with enthusiasm

All of my requests are for fanfiction. I've avoided giving specific prompts because I don't want you to feel you have to write a particular story for me, however if you'd prefer some prompts to work with feel free to send me a message anon or through an intermediary.

The relative lengths of my notes on each fandom aren't indicative of a preference. I just have more to say about some fandoms than others.

Crossover Fandom  
Methos (Highlander)/Stephen Maturin (Master and Commander)

My preference is for bitchy, sneaky, world-weary book!Stephen, hopefully having spy adventures with, against, or in spite of Methos. Don't get me wrong -- movie!Stephen is a dear man, but he's a dear man who seems to have dosed the real Dr. Maturin up with laudanum and hidden him in a chest for the duration of the voyage. I'd be equally delighted with a story set in the time period of the Aubreyad with mortal Stephen or a story set in literally any time period you choose, past, present, or future, with immortal Stephen.

I'd like Stephen's friendship with Jack to be acknowledged as important. Jack doesn't even have to be in the story, but the Jack-and-Stephen (or Jack/Stephen) relationship is why I love the books so much and I'd like it to be significant to Stephen. I'm not fond of stories that ignore or denigrate close friendships in order to put romantic or sexual pairings center-stage.
Final Fantasy XII  
Balthier/Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca/Basch fon Ronsenburg (FFXII); Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca/Basch fon Ronsenburg (FFXII); Balthier/Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (FFXII)

There's a theme here, and that theme is "In her head Azarias is a princess who leads rebellions." Ashe is a character who was basically created for me to love. I'd be equally happy with any of the above relationship permutations. The only thing I wouldn't enjoy would be a story where any of the above are cheating on each other, or engaging in unrequited pining. I'd also rather not have any sort of arranged marriage, or a situation where anyone is forced into it -- I like those tropes just fine on their own, but not with these characters.

I've played all of the single-player Final Fantasies, and the world of FFXII is my favorite of the series. It's both beautiful and "lived in," and while the story of the characters is important, it's clear they aren't the only story that exists in the world. If you're a visual kind of person, some costume porn or scenery porn or food porn wouldn't be amiss. Even if you write an AU in a different setting -- totally cool, I love AUs as long as they're not the nobody-has-powers-and-everybody-loves-Starbucks kind of AU -- playing around with a sense of place and culture would be awesome. If you're inclined to worldbuilding, go wild.

If you're writing something canon-based, I'd prefer either an AU where they meet in a different way but still have essentially the same background (Balthier still has a bad relationship with his father and his home culture even if he hasn't run away to be a sky pirate, Basch is still a loyal soldier, Ashe is still a leader in her own right), or something post-game where Ashe is queen, or an AU post-game where Ashe says fuck it and becomes a sky pirate, or something like that. I'd rather not have Ashe as a sheltered princess or either of the men in a position of authority over her.

Any of them also having relationships, past or present, with other people is also fine - I don't mind Balthier and Fran being friends with benefits, for example, even though that's not a pairing I'd specifically request. Likewise, I'd be okay with the primary pairing being Balthier/Basch as long as Ashe has an important role in the story. I don't have an OTP/3 in this fandom that I can't stand to see encroached on.

Jupiter Ascending (2015) 
Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise

Help! Help! The Wachowski sisters stole my id and put it on the big screen! I unironically adore this stupid sparkly space princess epic and will eat up anything you want to do that's written with the same sense of glee.

This is another fandom where I don't have a strong sense of OTP-ness. I love Jupiter and Caine as a couple but if you want to give Jupiter a space harem go for it. (Look, Sean Bean is in this movie and is a tragic wingless space bee, if you want to have Stinger and Caine doing dirty things together for Jupiter's amusement I'm not going to object.) Something set during or after the movie, or a complete AU, would all be great. Jupiter trying to figure out how to deal with a boyfriend who's a little too quick to treat her wishes as commands would be nice, as would something nice and domestic like her learning how to groom his wings. Or if you want to go meganerd and have the entire story be about Jupiter trying to learn how space corporate law works, I'm right there with you. Or adventures with the space police aboard the Totally Not The Normandy.

One caveat: the "no dog dicks" squick applies here, too, so if pants come off please let Caine have either human genitalia or something alien but not animalistic. Penis okay, tentacles okay, grappling hooks okay, vagina okay, vagina dentata okay, knotting not okay. On the other hand, Jupiter isn't actually anyone's mother, so Jupiter/any of the Abrasax clan doesn't hit my incest squick.

Pacific Rim (2013)  
Raleigh Becket/Hercules Hansen; Raleigh Becket/Hercules Hansen/Mako Mori; Hercules Hansen/Mako Mori

Herc is my bicycle in this fandom. I'll happily read him paired with anyone who isn't related to him. What I love about him is how he keeps going despite how much the universe completely and utterly shits on him. His wife died, his son grew up unable to talk to him, his robot blew up with his son and his friend inside, his country had to nuke itself, and basically at the end of the movie his only living friend is the dog. And he's still going.

In other words, I'm not enthusiastic about a story where Herc gives up and dies after the movie. This fucker is tough. A story where he gets some healing cock and/or vagina from one or both of the other surviving rangers would be fantastic. A story where he's sad all the time and nothing is ever going to get better would make me sad. 

I have this whole big rant about how the "awesome ladies" trope is misogynistic and regressive in its expectations of women, but I'll spare you. Suffice it to say that I'd rather not deal with Flawless Goddess Mako. I watched the movie and was utterly charmed by the goofy, awkward, brilliant, brave, repressed, blunt, horny, badass, contradictory and very human heroine we got. I like stories that allow her that complexity. If you pair her with Herc, either alone or in a threesome, I'd like her to have a great deal of sexual agency. Maybe she's had a crush on him forever and jumps his bones first chance she gets pre-movie, or maybe they grow close in the wake of Chuck and Stacker's deaths, or maybe it's an everyone-lives AU where the celebratory drinking gets epic and she decides to -- you know what, I wrote and deleted like a half dozen terrible Australia-themed double entendres here, but the point is that I think Mako knows what she wants.

Raleigh is lovely. He's really just a complete sweetheart. He has basically none of the bullshit macho traits that turn me off of so many sci-fi movie heroes, while still being very action-oriented and competent. I like the contrast we see between bold, brash Raleigh at the beginning, and the quieter, haunted but not broken Raleigh we see years after Yancy's death. He and Herc have met before and respect each other. His opinion on Mako after a couple of hours of knowing her is "You are the most awesome come pilot a giant robot with me PLEASE." I love this guy.

I appreciate that the movie kept Raleigh and Mako non-romantic and I think I would have enjoyed it less if they had kissed at the end. I don't have any objection to their relationship becoming romantic post-canon, however.

Giant robots punching giant monsters is a pretty big draw for me, so if you want to do a complete AU I'd like something equally fantastical to take their place. I'm also fond of the sorta-military but sorta-not organization they're in. The PPDC is obviously something thrown together in a hurry and adapted on the fly to meet an unprecedented threat, and people like Raleigh, who'd probably never join a regular military, take on the same roles as career soldiers like Herc and Stacker. It's a weird, organic brother-and-sisterhood on the front lines, and it's one of the things that keeps me coming back to the characters instead of just fast-forwarding to the scenes with the Jaegers.

I'm not a big fan of the prequel comic, aside from a few worldbuilding bits, and ditto Travis Beacham's written commentary. I'd prefer it if you treated Scott Hansen as apocryphal and ignored him entirely, or at least kept him as no more than a footnote in the story.

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch  
Thomas Nightingale/Alexander Seawoll

There are a lot of ways to take Seawoll's first words to Nightingale, all of them interesting. Was that "You cheated on me and you're still an asshole but I'm over you, no really"? "I'm reluctantly bi-curious and angry about my decades-long crush on you"? "Your habit of sleeping your way to favorable decisions has really gotten on my nerves"?

I'd prefer a Nightingale who's exclusively gay. I've tried reading him with my slash goggles off and it just gives me a headache. Seawoll, on the other hand, I can read any which way you choose as long as the dicks touch (on-camera or off). I like that Nightingale is just a little too posh to deal with sometimes, and that Seawoll is an asshole but an effective one. This is a pairing where their flaws help make the story work.

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy  
Poe Dameron/Leia Organa (SWST)

Han/Leia was my very first OTP, and I was suprised when I watched The Force Awakens and realized I didn't mind how they'd been broken up. The loss of a child -- even a 'loss' that's very much in the ideological/moral sense, not a death -- has destroyed plenty of strong marriages. And it's clear that she and Han still love each other; they just can't be married to each other right now. This is all to say that, while I'm asking for a Poe/Leia story, I'd prefer not to have a story where Han is the bad guy, or one where their marriage was unimportant or doomed from the start. 

I don't have a lot to say about Poe/Leia, not because I'm not enthusiastic, but because I literally hadn't thought about it it until I was looking over the nominations for this exchange. It caught my eye and something in me went "OOOOH!". Obviously, Leia is the archetypal rebel princess of my heart, and her attraction to cocky flyboys who are hypercompetent enough to back it up is long-standing. Poe is clearly smitten with her in the movie, whether it's purely in a hero-worship way or if you see an element of attraction there. 

Basically, if this is the pairing you picked to write, know that I'm waiting with clasped hands to see what you do. I don't have any preconceptions about it and I'm going to be happy with anything you write.
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