Date: 2014-10-18 05:20 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, I am from FFA. Here're some links that've popped up in recent discussions that you might've not made it to yet: - an account from a rape survivor who was shouted down and shamed for her assertion that some depictions of rape in fiction can be therapeutic and validating for survivors, and may contribute to recovery. This happened on LKH_Lashouts, another comm that WF essentially pulverized into dust. WF then stalked this woman online for 6 months, in 2013 - the date is important, because it demonstrates that WF has not really changed her stripes in relatively recent years. I believe this person is the same as, given that they describe a very similar account (with several other recent tumblr posts related to this topic). - discussion on, both pro- and anti-WF sides in attendance (along with some confused bystanders). - Dear Author reports on the controversy - I don't really know who the author of this account is, but they're apparently friendly enough with the non-Top Gear James May (nTG JM, perhaps?), so bear that in mind. But it may offer new insights into why the outing was done in the first place. - very old forum posts from WF, demonstrating that she was doin' her thing way back in 2003. Obtained initially from here: - this link has a good write-up of some of WF's bad behavior, but this comment is notable because it is an anonymous testimonial from someone bullied into silence by WF. Because this was posted in 2012, I think it is important to our current discussion because it demonstrates an ongoing pattern of behavior.

I have a number of screencaps from the Requires Hate twitter feed, and a screencap of the 'white women's tears' comment directed at the WOC on 50bookspoc, but these were all collected in recent discussions (I haven't capped anything personally). Let me know if you'd like them uploaded.

Also could I suggest that you add a link to Nick Mamata's original ello post in the "debunked claims" section? I'm just really getting tired of people blaming others for what really happened.

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