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What we have here is a woman who went plhebh on the entire Internet for a while. Happens periodically. No brain for anything more taxing than Facebook. The brain seems to have come back around, though, so I'll be catching up.

  • The Comics Big Bang hilariously inappropriate crossover fic continues apace. I got bogged down in a bout of linearity for a while. The story's mostly flashback, and most of the scenes don't have to be in any particular order, but for a while there I absolutely could not write out of sequence. Also I lost my notes on half the characters and how I'd translated them between universes. Rose Tattoo lol who's that? I finally got the framing story hammered out well enough that whatever was eating at me switched off, and I've got the flashbacks sectioned off in Scrivener to be completed as they come to me.

Jenny Quantum wrinkled her nose. Adults liked the weirdest things. She resolved to ignore it for as long as she could. “I don’t understand,” she said, which wasn’t something you’d hear from her often. “You really think I brought you here? I went down to Hell, sure, but only to the Garden, and I didn’t see you there. I didn’t see anybody there!”

Sparks paused with the cigarette halfway to her mouth and just looked at Jenny for a moment. “You went to Hell,” she said. “Sure. Perfect day trip for a ten year old.”

“I’m eight,” Jenny corrected without thinking.

Sparks laughed and puffed more smoke. “Shows what I know about kids. But here’s the thing. You didn’t see me in Hell because I wasn’t there. Witch doesn’t become demon dead, just dead dead. I spent a long time denying it, back when I was alive, but these days I’m pretty damned sure I’m Witch – and so are you. And I also distinctly recall that I am dead, which you are not, but here I am. 

“So, little Sister, since it stands to reason people don’t come halfway back from the Darkness just to have a smoke, there’s got to be a reason I’m here. Let’s you and me figure out what that is.” She rested her hands on her knees with the half-burned cigarette dangling just beside her Black ring, and looked at Jenny frankly. It reminded Jenny a lot of how Draca looked at her. She liked that.

  • I've been cooking fairly regularly lately. I enjoy it, I'm decent at it, and it gives me a sense of control over my life that I badly need. Best dish of the past month is rooster Corfu, a Greek ragout made with a rooster I butchered on a friend's farm three days before I stewed him. That was ... well, I'll probably do a post on it. Maybe. It wasn't fun and it's something I'm happy to pay someone else to do for me, but I'll do it again when I have the chance, too.
  • Have given up on CourseRa for the moment, as classes always seem to start at the worst possible time for me. Which is false, it's all perception and anxiety banging together on my end, but it isn't worth the hassle. What I don't need in my life right now is more deadlines. I've downloaded Harvard's CS50 course instead and am going to do it on my own schedule. My actual putting me in debt to get a degree work, on the other hand, is going weirdly well. My ability to fake my way through high-level philosophy is coming back to me (You think I understand this stuff? Seriously?), and Immunology turns out to make a lot of sense when I sit down and chart out the pathways on paper instead of staring at the book in horror.
  • I'm about halfway to RXing Filthy Fifty in Crossfit! I need to get my knees higher on knees to elbows, add four more inches to my box jumps, and, you know, do double unders at all. But that's attainable! I can handle all the weights, albeit slowly.

  • I am about six weeks past the point I was scheduled to be a homeowner, and still no closing date. No rejection, either, but one delay after another, with the loan processor swearing that all the  paperwork is in one day, and me waking up the next to an urgent email about the three other pieces of paper I have to get turned in STAT. I want my kitchen.
  • I've let my squat form slip in Crossfit. I think I got over excited about succeeding at it to begin with, and let myself get into bad habits by not paying attention. I got suspicious when I kept losing my balance while doing overhead squats last week and I asked the coach to record me while I did a few. Bingo: not even getting past parallel on the squat, and my arms going all over the place compensating for what my legs aren't doing right. It's messing up all my lifts. Going to have to cut down the weight and work on that.
  • I haven't even touched my Doctor Who fic in months, and that's after <lj user="aralias"> was kind enough to beta the stand-alone prologue for me. Last I touched it, I figured out how to get a scene to break that had been dragging on and on. Hopefully I can go back to it once I get some more of the Big Bang fic out of the way and pick up with the energy I'd misplaced.
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