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Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:22 am
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• There is now, finally, a YoI community on Dreamwidth, [community profile] yurionicefans.

• Pressing onwards with French learning, or at least with Lingvist, which I'm actually enjoying. Last time I tried it, I felt like I got bogged down in endless variants of "peux, tuer, veux, viens..." (or words of that shape), but I seem to have pressed on past that now. It tells me I've learned 480 words so far. Devoting 15 minutes a day, it's really easy to add another 20+ words in that time, which adds up. We'll see how it all hangs together.

• Waiting with bated breath for the results of the first round of the French Presidential election. Among other things, looking for informed discussion has reminded me how American-centric Metafilter is. The US Presidential elections produced 5000+ comment threads, every few days, for months. The corresponding French thread has 33 comments. So I am watching BFM TV via Worldbox (a fantastic resource hidden within the depths of channel 834 by Virgin Media), even though I don't really understand it.

the purple plains of burma

Apr. 23rd, 2017 12:26 am
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Tonight I watched this really awful Gregory Peck movie with my dad—or, really, he was watching it and I was playing a game where you have to kill slugs and was just too lazy to get up off the couch. In the movie, Gregory Peck and two other officers are flying over Burma during WWII and their plane crashes in enemy territory. One guy suffers from Dramatic Wounds which make it necessary to carry him on a stretcher, and the other guy's in complete panic mode, waving down any plane that goes by and also complaining so hard he falls off a cliff. Gregory Peck is the only one keeping it together. As usual.

So they're all taking naps in the dirt during the heat of the day, and the soundtrack is heavy with drama, and flies, and Gregory Peck opens his eyes, and I'm like, "I really want a lizard to be staring at him right now. Or a monkey." But it doesn't happen. There's just some more arguing about how dumb everybody's plan is. Later, after another nap, Gregory Peck opens his eyes again, and I'm like, "There'd better be a lizard staring at him." But no, the panicky guy is missing, so Gregory Peck has to go hunt him down. That doesn't end well. We're down to two guys now, trekking through the Burmese desert, Gregory Peck carrying Dramatically Wounded Guy—who has now been dropped twice—on his back.

Finally we agree that Gregory Peck has to head towards the river and leave Dramatically Wounded Guy on his own for a while. So Gregory Peck does. More stumbling through the Burmese desert (as far as I can tell, in the real world, Myanmar does not contain any deserts?). The soundtrack rolls and wails because nothing has ever been so dramatic, and the camera spins, and god knows what else is going down because I'm honestly not paying much attention, but after about an hour and a half of this, I look up and Gregory Peck is lying face down in the sand, hot and sweaty, shirt ripped, clearly out of his mind, and he opens his eyes, and there, staring at him, is an iguana.

I have never been so satisfied with a movie.

It'd be safest if you ran...

Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:23 pm
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After a blah week, I seem to have recovered my motivation and energy levels. Which is good because I'm feeling inspired! Why, you ask?

Because Kohske's health has recovered enough that she can resume work on Gangsta again. It resumes serialization next month! Pretty excited. The Cursed spin-off is tiding me over and it's a perfectly fine prequel, but you can tell it's not Kohske. Kohske just has this amazing ability to pack subtext and nuance in her illustrations without having to rely on text or even flashy, obvious action (which Cursed is full of). Some of her most powerful panels don't have a single word in them at all -- the scene where Nicolas listens to Alex sing by pressing his ear against the speaker...and then you later see him jumping off the roof humming to himself, the scene where Alex holds Nicolas's hands even though you can see the bruises he accidentally left behind when he grabbed her in the throes of a seizure. So I am excited even though I am terrified to see what happens next, Worick, god, what did you do.

Since the manga's hiatus is ending, I've resentfully returned to Tumblr because that's where the fandom is. I have a couple ideas for fic & if I want any audience whatsoever, I need to promote them there. In terms of platform, there is a Gangsta DW community -- [community profile] gangsta_manga -- but it's a ghost town and I'm not sure if the mod is even around anymore. Maybe I'll start posting to the community? Sharing the latest news seems to be a good way to start. It's just a little depressing to post to a community of 2 though. I reach more people posting here! Which doesn't solve the problem. Hmm.

In other, somewhat more embarrassing, news, I seem to have fallen into Overwatch fandom. I don't even play videogames, let alone this one! But so many people I know are into it, so I decided to check it out. It doesn't take a lot of time because there's not much canon lore to pick up, it turns out. The cutscenes from Devil May Cry are a billion times longer!

Anyway, a lot of these usernames I'm seeing now make sense! And in even more embarrassing news, the fanart I've been seeing of what I thought to be an AU Korra? Not Korra at all. Explains why this AU Korra was remarkably consistent among different artists! Oh God. Not one of my most stellar moments, let me tell you. My shame is your entertainment for the evening.

Doctor Who 10.02 - "Smile"

Apr. 23rd, 2017 09:49 am
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Fun fact! A modern Doctor Who episode is exactly the right length to eat a bowl of cereal, drink three small cups of tea, and apply a fresh nail wrap. The deco styling matches my new Star Wars T-shirt, but I can't quite decide how I feel about this shade of pink. Which is fair, because I also can't quite decide how I feel about this episode!

Spoilers are quoting Bowie. )

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Apr. 22nd, 2017 07:18 pm
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How can we create coalitions with disillusioned former Trumpists and Trumpistas? We need to find some way to help them put their disillusionment to good use, without losing our own path or principles. On what points do we see the same way?


Apr. 22nd, 2017 03:46 pm
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A while ago, the artist who made the three incredible pieces for my Stucky Big Bang story opened up a few commissions slots, and even though I had to dip into the "sell a few things for funds" pot, I really wanted to work with her again. I gave her a couple of fics that she could use for the commission idea, if she wanted, and she really liked my Christmas fluff piece War Dogs, so she arted the first scene in that fic. I am just so thrilled with this, I can't say, it captures the way Bucky befriended the guard dog and their connection together, and I'm all flaily.

bucky and gretel

There's a tumblr post here if you prefer that sort of thing, and after a lot of hair-tearing I finally figured out how to put the image in the fic (the instructions in the AO3 FAQ are completely utterly useless).

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Apr. 22nd, 2017 04:34 pm
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I'm still on the fence about signing up for Not Prime Time. Looking at the sign up summary, there's only one fandom requested that I'm absolutely sure I could write, and I can't write everything that was nominated for it, so I might not match those requests anyway. There are six things requested that I maybe could write but that have very, very long canons that I would have to review. There are two movies that we own and that I might be able to write, but I would have to rewatch several times in order to learn the characters' names because, for some reason, people aren't nominating by 'oh, that one who swore a lot' or ' that one who was there to look pretty' (not real examples from either movie. I think). Then there are two anime/manga series where I have fanon knowledge but don't have access to the complete canon and never have had.

I need to check the community and see how long sign ups are open for. Many people are likely to sign up over the weekend, right? Maybe the list of potential matches will expand.

In happier news, I'm writing again and have another nine hundred words on my Fandom5K story. That puts me over four thousand words which is very close to the minimum word count. It's not nearly done in terms of the plot, but I think I will be able to get close to done this weekend.

Putting down roots

Apr. 22nd, 2017 04:22 pm
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Today Zaphod and I went to the nursery and came home with a ton of plants!

I dug up the sickly rhododendron bush beside my front door and have replaced it with a lilac. (The woman at the nursery assures me that if I trim it appropriately, it will flower and will not grow up to be 15 feet tall.) I've also put in three daylilies beside the house, and two hostas. All of these are perennials, so assuming that they take root, they'll be here for years to come. They're also all low-maintenance, which is important -- I know myself well enough to know that once it's summer, I don't spend time gardening.

And I bought three window boxes for the railing on the mirpesset. One of them now has three small petunia plants in it (Zaphod chose them, and chose the colors -- purple, pink, and variegated.) Another has potting soil and a bunch of flower seeds, because he really wanted to try to grow seeds. And the third will have herbs in it later in the spring. Best part is, they sit on the railing, so they don't have a footprint! I've watered everything we planted.

Now we are curled up in the living room watching Pokémon XYZ, and I am basking in the satisfaction of a task completed, and the satisfaction of continuing to put down roots in my new place.

Took a quick look at the LJ side

Apr. 22nd, 2017 04:01 pm
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Porn spam has rocketed up to 35% of comments.

I have the sad

Apr. 22nd, 2017 02:23 pm
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By checking the dates of successive Strange Horizon counts, I see the trend is for the release date to be later than the one before. I was hoping for April but mid-May may be more reasonable.

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Apr. 22nd, 2017 01:06 pm
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I’m feeling really really terrible right now. I don’t know if it’s some sort of post-stress thing or if the fact that I won’t have results from yesterday’s test until Monday at the earliest is smacking me hard. I woke with a headache that started heading very definitely migraine-ward with nausea and a desire for complete silence.

I took a cab to PT, and that meant that I really didn’t have much pain until I was walking back out of the hospital. I guess that from the entrance of the hospital back to the PT office is the distance I can walk without setting things off. The therapist taped things again, but that only held until evening before friction between my leg and the couch rolled the tape beyond remedy.

Scott’s sister picked me up about twenty minutes after my appointment, and we went to the Syrian place for lunch. They didn’t have the cauliflower salad that I love. The woman behind the counter said that it’s because cauliflower is too expensive just now, about $5 a head. She said she tries to buy local, from the Farmer’s Market. She said that a head of cauliflower makes about 1/2 pound of salad, so that she’d have to charge about $20 a pound.

I drank forty ounces of water between when Scott’s sister dropped me back at the hospital and when they called me back for my scan. I met [personal profile] evalerie upstairs about twenty minutes before the appointment, and we headed downstairs into the maze of corridors. The signage was adequate, so we didn't quite get lost, but my heel was hurting a lot by the time we made it to the right clinic.

I didn't feel like my bladder was full when they called me back, but apparently it was full enough because the technician said everything was good. The entire procedure took an hour because there were three different scans. The second and third would only work if my bladder was empty which, well, forty ounces of water. The third bit was a two person job with a physician doing part of it. That was painful, not beyond bearing but unpleasant.

They didn't tell me anything about what the scans showed, just said they'd send the results to my doctor and that they should be there by my appointment on Wednesday. I'm not happy about this because the doctor saw the scans. Technicians aren't allowed to say anything at all about what they see even if they know what they're seeing, but doctors are. I really don't want to wait until Wednesday.

In the evening, I got a message from the patient portal that test results were in. I was pretty cranky when I discovered that it was the completely unsurprising negative result on the mandatory pregnancy test they had me pee in a cup for before the third scan.

The appointment running so long meant that [personal profile] evalerie would be cutting things uncomfortably close if she tried to take me home before going to pick up her youngest. I ended up waiting about half an hour for Scott instead. That wasn't a big deal except that my phone was nearly out of charge. I was really angry when I realized that the dratted thing was downloading app updates when it had a 20% charge. It wouldn't let me stop the updates, either. By the time Scott arrived, I was at 10% and the phone was complaining about everything I did with it (just texts to Scott to tell him where I was, texts from Scott to let me know when he'd arrive, and an occasional check of the time). I had turned off the wifi connection to prevent it from starting any other downloads or from using charge maintaining the connection.

Scott wanted to go to the local March for Science, but what with things that have to be done and me feeling really, really terrible, there was no way to make it work. The Ann Arbor march started almost an hour ago. There's a march in Ypsilanti at 3:00, but I kind of suspect he won't make it to that, either.


Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:55 am
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[community profile] rareshipsonice is now open for nominations. I swore that I wasn't going to take part in any Yuri on Ice!!! exchanges, but the minimum for fic is only 500 words, so you know. I was deeply saddened to apparently be the first one to nominate Yakov/Lilia.

• You haven't lived until you've seen a very tall, very substantial female opera singer, still in costume at a break in rehearsal, vigorously shaking a vending machine to get it to dispense her crisps. Shades of Elsa Strauss.

• Same opera company: I love how formal (if binary-gendered) their backstage calls are. "This is a call for Act Three beginners. Mr. Robertson, Sir Mark, ladies and gentlemen of the orchestra, ladies and gentlemen of the chorus. Act Three beginners, please."

• A British man said to me recently, "you have an interesting accent, where are you from?" and then looked surprised when I said "New England." He was apparently going to guess "in the vicinity of Belfast." This is not entirely surprising, as Northern Irish accents often sound oddly American to me, but I'm flattered to be guessed to be within the compass of the British Isles at last.

• Usually I find it challenging to find jeans, or any kind of trousers, that actually fit. For some reason, at the moment, I'm on a run of good luck at Oxfam. I have too many jeans now, but I can't pass anything up if it suits me, because who knows when this profusion of choice will come again?

• Interestingly, and partly relatedly, my local Oxfam seems to have acquired the dead stock of a women's skateboarding shop from 2005... I don't even know. I now have two pairs of jeans, bought as new with tags still on them, which... I almost want to call them breeches? They're quite roomy around the hips and thighs, and cropped just below the knee, where they narrow down quite dramatically. You might say that they tread that narrow line between 'interestingly eccentric' and 'total fashion disaster,' but I quite like them. 100% cotton, too, which you can never get these days!
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