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I cannot. Fucking. Wait. Screw you, January.

January started out with me in the grocery store, at night, freaking out because there were too many different kinds of macaroni and cheese and I just wanted the kind that was macaroni with fucking cheese. It was not my finest hour. The next week, I teared up in an immunology lecture over pictures from the 1925 great serum run. And I spent the lame opening act of an amazing hip hop show pretending to be avidly texting so that I did not have to make eye contact or any other sort of social exchange with anybody. Really I was writing schmoopy gay porn, which my phone rebooted and ate.

Sometime around there, and around getting a cold and having something truly awful done orthodontically, I gave into the inevitable and sank into a puddle of chocolate pudding and Anne Bishop novels. I'm still there. It's getting kind of sticky. On the other hand, I can now make some damned fine chocolate pudding in no time flat.

The frankly bizarre result of this is that I've signed up for a comic book Big Bang with a rough draft due in May, and I'm fusing The Authority with Black Jewels. This is a thing that is happening. Working title "Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Dark Court." I'm hoping that between now and then I'll think of something less ... less.

How many different ways can I call Apollo the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih? We'll find out!

The cold and the teeth and some bad timing -- I skipped Crossfit for two weeks. Until tonight.

Protip: don't do that. Oh my fucking god ow. I forgot how to snatch. And how to squat clean without winding up on my back with the bar heading straight for my throat.

Ow. Bruises in new places!


Date: 2013-05-21 11:15 pm (UTC)
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