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A pocket guide to Citizen's Arrest, in case you've seen one canon but not the other.

The Authority

The Authority. Don't piss them off.

This is, top to bottom, Apollo and the Midnighter. They're more or less Superman and Batman, if Superman and Batman were former secret agents who killed people and canonically married each other and adopted an adorable baby girl.

I said canonically.

This is their boss, Jenny Sparks. She's a hundred years old, may in fact have caused the 1980s in a drunken depression, and she's never hated anyone like she hates you if you lay a hand on London.

They're the self-appointed super-powered guardians of planet Earth, after the last bunch, Stormwatch -- which was on the UN's payroll and had a lot more rules to follow, not to mention more compunctions about killing the fuck out of whoever and whatever got in their way -- got eaten by Aliens.

Yeah, those.

due South

This is Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP. He first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father and, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture but which involved him getting kicked out of Canada for blowing open a conspiracy and getting a lot of senior Mounties and government officials indicted, has remained, attached as liason officer with the Canadian Consulate.

This is Diefenbaker, a deaf, lip-reading half-wolf. Fraser is his spirit animal.

This is Ray Vecchio, an Italian-American Chicago cop. He's Fraser's best friend, partner, and all around guide to this strange foreign land to which Fraser's been exiled. I ship it, but unfortunately he's currently in Las Vegas, posing as a Mafia boss and feeding information to the FBI. While he's gone, his cover in Chicago is maintained by this guy ...

... Ray Kowalski. Ray Vecchio, to you. Officially, they're the same person. Look, just roll with it.

This is their boss, the long-suffering Lt. Welsh.

And RayV's distressingly hot sister, Frannie Vecchio.

RayK and Fraser get off to a rocky start, what with no one letting Fraser in on the plan to replace his partner with a tough-talking, hyperactive, spiky-haired brawler who no one will acknowledge is not RayV, and Fraser getting Ray stuck driving a burning Buick Riviera across Chicago and into a lake while trying to have an honest conversation with the guy. They get over that in short order, and by their second episode together Ray needs to know whether Fraser finds him attractive. Like a woman.

The show ships it.

A lot.

One day, everyone takes a lunch break at the same time.

Citizen's Arrest

Date: 2012-12-10 05:05 am (UTC)
st_aurafina: Jenny in black and white  (Authority: Jenny Sparks)
From: [personal profile] st_aurafina
JENNY SPARKS! She's awesome.


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